Exhibit C

Thomas Capano
Murder Trial
Wilmington, DE
18" X 22"

Taking the stand in his own defense, the Delaware attorney, Thomas J. Capano, gave his version of what happened on the night Anne Marie Fahey disappeared.  Fahey, a scheduling secretary to Delaware Governor Thomas Carper, had been a mistress of Capano and was first reported missing on June 29th, 1996.  Capano claimed that he and Fahey had dined out two days prior.  After they arrived at his house, he returned a call to another Mistress, Deborah MacIntyre.  He told MacIntryre that she couldn't drop by as he had company.   He claimed that minutes later she showed up with a pistol, threatening to kill herself.  Capano testified that he grabbed at MacIntyre's gun and it went off accidentally killing Fahey.  According to MacIntyre's testimony, she was not at Capano's house that night.  She also testified that Capano had asked her to buy a gun for him about a month earlier.  MacIntyre was never charged or a suspect in the shooting.

Rather than calling 911 (which Capano admitted was "cowardly"), he stuffed the   5-foot 11-inch body into a 192-quart large fishing cooler.  He then got his brother, Gerard, to take him and the cooler with the corpse about 60 to 70 miles out into the Atlantic ocean.  When the cooler would not sink, he proceeded to be rid of the body by attaching anchors to it and dumping all overboard.

On January 17th, 1999, Thomas Capano was found guilty of murder by a 12-member jury comprised of six men and six women.

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