Information Desk

Information Desk

This area provides general information about the Susan Schary Studio and Web Site, including how to contact us, place an order or commission Susan Schary.  Susan Schary Studio receives a large amount of mail.  Please use the contact and ordering information found here so that we may help you in the most timely fashion:


Commissioned Art Pricing - General Pricing Information.
Contacting Us by Phone or Fax - Phone numbers.
Contacting Us by Regular Mail - Postal address.
Gift Shoppe - All items available online.
Learn About Susan Schary - A biographical sketch.
Navigation & Viewing - How to best view this site.
Orders & Inquiries - How to order or inquire.
Privacy Statement - We respect the right to privacy.
Public Relations Department - More about Susan Schary.
Viewing Galleries & Exhibits - Touring the exhibit areas.
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Contacting Us by Phone & Fax

Phone - (215) 248-5735
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Fax - (215) 248-1881
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Contacting Us by Regular Mail

Please direct all regular U.S. mail to:

Susan Schary Studio
374 W. Mt. Airy Ave.
Philadelphia, PA  19119

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Orders & Inquiries

To Order Limited Edition Prints and Courtroom Art - Any item that is available for ordering will have an order button on the item's page that will allow you to add it to a "shopping cart" for credit card purchase at the Gift Shoppe.  You may also place your order by credit card, check or money order by calling (215) 248-5735.   Please have the appropriate catalog number and your payment information ready.
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To Inquire about Original Art Availability & Pricing - Please use our Art Inquiry Form.
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To Commission Susan Schary - Please use our Art Inquiry Form or E-Mail Susan Schary directly.
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To Make a General Inquiry or Comment - Please use our Art Inquiry Form or General E-Mail Box.
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To Report a Problem while in our Site - Please use our Feedback Form or E-Mail the Webmaster directly describing your problem.
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Viewing Galleries

There are five (5) Galleries available to view the various works of art by Susan Schary.   Each has multiple rooms usually containing a special theme.

Celebrity Art Gallery - Original and Commissioned works of art containing known celebrities and notable individuals.
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Commissioned Art Gallery - This gallery features some of the past commissions performed by Susan Schary.
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Original Art Gallery - This gallery features a variety of original works by Susan Schary, those that are noted as being in the "Studio Collection" or "Available" can be purchased by using the contact information on that page.
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Courtroom Art Gallery - This gallery features the Courtroom Art for which Susan Schary is most famous for.  Original Courtroom Art that is available will be noted.   Prints are also available for many of these works.
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Limited Prints Gallery - This gallery features limited edition prints that are currently available in the Gift Shoppe.

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